Movie experience at GSC

Before blogging about the movies we watched, I would like to blog about the experience watching at GSC Pavilion. We watched 3 different movies at 3 different timings and experienced 3 different types of not so great experienced. Just our luck.
First up was Up In The Air starring George Clooney. Watched it at nine-ish at nite, rather deep and philosophical movie. However, the witty dialogue got lost in the crowd. The only ones who seemed to get the jokes were us. We were the only ones laughing in a three quarter full cinema. Along the way, people started to leave as they couldn’t seem to understand the slow paced movie. It was very distracting trying to watch the screen when people stood to leave.
Next day, we watched the Green Zone at noon on a weekday.We got ourselves a couple seat, to which the hubby said those seats were only relevant to non-married couples, unlike us. The show was watched by few people, understandable because, the timing was not normal. We were the only couple seated in the couple seat row in front. The couple seat row behind us were filled with couples whom you know were not married because as the movie progress, you begin to hear noises and the seats started to shake. Not typical of married couple behaviour. Here we were absorbed in Matt Damon pursuit of WMD in war torn Iraq, the couples behind us were absorbed in their pursuit of passion, very disturbing. Melayu boleh, beb. Free show, but not for us. The hubby was more worried about the hygiene conditions of our couple seats.
Last was, From Paris with Love starring the ever charismatic, John Travolta. Once again, I wonder why do people waste money if they don’t understand the movie. We had people talking on their mobile phones throughout the movie. The hubby even had to ask the guy next to him to shut up. The hubby as you know is a very fierce person. He stared at the guy much to the wifey’s horror. The guys in front of us, put their legs on the chairs in front of them, We had people passing popcorns through us. How inconsiderate. Gosh.
Ok, need to eat lunch on board. *pause*
*continue* Unfortunately, for RM11, we will continue to watch movies in Malaysia. *gulp*

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