Bubble holiday

The hubby believes in always going for a bubble holiday.
What is a bubble holiday?!
Well, it’s like creating your own bubble and living within the bubble created. And nope, no bursting of bubble. Usually a bubble holiday is an impromptu one. Criteria of a bubble holiday is first determining the radius of the bubble, meaning, decide the area of the bubble. The decided area then becomes the area that the bubble couple will be in for the next few days. A bubble holiday can be as short as 2 days or as long as a week. A bubble holiday will also mean a cut from the outside normal world. The bubble couple will not come to you but others are invited to visit the bubble couple in the created bubble.Weird right. No handphones at all but wi-fi is an exception if not the wifey will nag the hubby and this may cause harm to the bubble. So true to a typical bubble holiday, this time round the bubble couple  took a bus to Pasar Rakyat, stayed at Grand Millenium in Bukit Bintang  and entertained themselves at Pavillion, all within a radius of like 5km for 3 days 2 nights. Up next, a quick review of Grand Millenium, movie marathon and food galore etc.

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