A story of a deleted photo & kelibat…

Grand Millenium was a so-so experience for us.
The view from our room.
Typical of a five star hotel, the prices are all mencekik darah, but not value for money. The room was spacious. We asked for a double bed but we got twin beds which were pushed together. Pluses included soft pillows and you-dun-want-to-get-out type of bed (as verified by Herman, whose wife also verified the beds vibrated when they slept, haha don’t you go imagine my sister and her hubby…:p). Other than that, the breakfast was so-so, local spread. Service was not what you would expect from a 5 star hotel, lack warmth and sincerity. The pool was a family pool and size-wise was not to die for. The hubby spent 10 mins in the pool before coming out of it when he saw a man who is full of ketumbuhan di dadanya went in after that. The gym was great with a variety of equipment and great music. Not crowded at all. Other than that, nothing to shout about. Oh, to make our stay even less favourable, we had a kelibat in our room.
The wifey as you can see from the photo collage above, has a habit of taking photos whenever she enters any hotel room. So as usual, upon entering the designated corner room 1131, she went clicking. Later that evening, as she reviewed her photos with her sister, they chanced upon a digital snap of the room but blocked by a shadow…jeng jeng jeng…refusing to analyze it further and knowing her hubby as a not so brave soul, she then decided to delete the photo against her brave sister suggestion. The sister wanted to view the photo on the computer and analyze it further. Refusing to be spooked, the wifey shrugged the matter off. However, throughout her stay in the room, she kept seeing ‘kelibat’s in the room whenever the hubby was away. The wifey’s suspicion that the hubby too felt a presence was confirmed by his sleeping habits for the past two days. That is another blogpost altogether. Anyway, we won’t be coming back to the hotel anymore. Just our luck. :s

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