The wifey has always wanted to go classes with the hubby.
Finally, she found something which they both can go to together. Arabic class.

It was not easy trying to find a class which fits the hubby’s criteria.
Cerewet or sengaja?
1.The class must be near @ a lepak area –
wifey found one at Arab street, ada kampong glam cafe & sarbat stall, so checked.
2. The class must not be full of pakciks & makciks –
checked, current class a mixed lot.
3. The timing must not be in the morning or night –
checked, afternoon.
4. Try not to get a weekend class –
unfortunately, cannot. If like that, tak pergi pun.
Perks of going to class with wifey, wifey lets hubby copies her answers for homework, spelling and hubby gets free tuition from wifey. Oh ya, going to class with your spouse is an eye-opener because you get to see your spouse in a different light. The hubby is currently the favourite student. Aaargh!

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