The wifey’s left eye has been twitching since last week and still is. Every few hours, it will twitch. in some cultures, there is a belief that it signifies good luck or bad luck, depending on your gender and which eye is twitching. Try googling it, which I did and it said that it is a bad omen; death of a loved one. An exchange of morbid conversations between the hubby and the wifey followed through. The hubby came up with some potential last words while the wifey came up with some do’s and don’ts for the hubby in the event of respective deaths. To cut a long story short, the hubby decided that since the wifey’s do’s and don’ts after death a hassle, plus the wifey’s threat to haunt him if the rules were not followed, he preferred going first. The hubby did not have any rules at all except a request. He is such a simple person really. However, the wifey cannot promise the simple request even though it touched her heart deep. A sample of our morning conversations on the way to work for the past few weekdays. Caused by the googling of an eye twitch. Hence the current song gracing our blog. Anyway, there’s a rational explaination to the twitch – lack of sleep. The wifey’s sleeping pattern will have to change then. Again. *Yawn*

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