A sunday spent in the kitchen

The wifey is not well. Supposed to sleep because she is tired. But the wifey just can’t seem to stay in bed past 8am, if not pening. Wanted to mark papers but the brain is not functioning. Mental block.The last time the wifey had it at sec 4. Niat di hati nak kemas rumah, buat kerja rumah but nothing seemed right. The hubby tried to persuade the wifey to sleep but he ended sleeping within 5 mins. So the wifey opened the fridge and saw butter & eggs. Went out to buy oreo cookies at SPC jap. By 7pm, the house was filled with the aroma of pandan raisin muffins and oreo cheesecake.
There goes wifey’s diet. Considering the hubby is losing weight every month (mind you, he’s not getting any exercise), the wifey needs to lose weight too for fear of looking like a number 10 couple. Anyway, cooking/baking is quite therapeutic. Yang jadi mangsa, the 3 cinonets at 188 who always have to eat their Mak Long’s food. Sigh, will miss them when they move out.

Besides that, the wifey realise that she is a messy person in the kitchen just like ibu. That’s very comforting. Ok, the wifey needs to go back to work. Aaaargh. 😦


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