Life in review

A growing number of people commented on our so called ‘luxurious’ lifestyle – specifically on our travelling and gadgets buying expenses.
‘Luxurious’? If you say so even though we beg to differ.
How did we ‘create’ it? We do research before we go travelling because we always want to make sure we get the best and value for money deals. Thanks to the wifey’s phototaking skills, at times we look like celebrity on holidays. It’s all about capturing the right moments. As for buying gadgets, we always base each purchase on whether it makes economic sense to buy it. Example, our coffee maker allows us to drink coffee at 90 cents per cup. Currently, the cost of Kopitiam Kopi is $1.20 per cup. Hence, for avid coffee drinkers like us, it made economic sense. Please don’t say we can do this because we don’t have kids and both of us are graduates. We have other expenses which we choose not to share. Everyone blogs selectively. The wifey by nature is a thrifty person, so she plans the budget and ensure that we can live comfortably by our own standards. Don’t try to live by others’ standards. You’d be disappointed. Don’t expect too much. Life will be simpler. However, the wifey lives by one rule that with immediate family members, especially our parents and in laws, we cannot be lokek with our gaji. Barulah gaji berkat. Just an insight to our life. 🙂 Life is no bed of roses. We all have our own wars to fight.

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