just kashmir

Heaven on earth? Hmmm, upon arrival at Kashmir…our immediate thoughts were if this was heaven on earth, wow we wouldn’t want to be here. There were soldiers and the place was dusty and not exactly the hubby’s kind of place. Kashmir is not for everyone at first glance. Tak kenal maka tak cinta. It did not take long before we were charmed. The hubby loved the fact that time just moves slower in Kashmir. A leather seller said, “Time is in our hands in Kashmir not the other way round.” The weather was perfect for him cause his purpose was hibernation.
As for the wifey, Kashmir sort of grew on her. It has a certain raw charm and beauty. We stayed in a houseboat throughout our 4 days there.
Pretty quaint.
Comfy and the service reminded us of home.

Food was always delish. More than enough.

We had western, asian and arrrgh definitely gained weight in the process.

The lake in winter is not the prettiest sight. Hence Mr Amin, our houseboat owner, encouraged us to come during summer. He said to get a good camera and off we can go trekking.
The shikara rides to and fro the houseboat were something we looked forward to. Not exactly romantic when the hubby kept pulling the blanket to his side (a habit of his kat mana-mana) but the lake has this idyllic effect on us. We went to a few mosques there. Taking wudhu’ with freezing water is no joke.
An interesting sight: puppies in the mosque vicinity. So cute.

For more of our photos, see here: http://picasaweb.google.com/skazeisk/Kashmir#
Would we come back? Definitely maybe. 🙂

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