Aku bukan superman, aku bisa nangis

Yesterday, Mak Long & Isya prayed Maghrib together. Mak Long was reciting the fatehah and other surahs aloud. Isya listened intently and followed her Mak Long’s actions for the 1st & 2nd rakaats. However, for the 3rd rakaat when her Mak Long recited the surah to herself quietly, Isya recited her own surah which was the lyrics to the current song, Bukan Superman until Mak Long rukuk. By then Mak Long couldn’t stop smiling. And then suddenly, Isya sujud with a ‘bang’. She cried. After the salam, Mak Long said, “Padan muka.”

Since yesterday, the song got stuck in Mak Long’s mind.

Isya’s fav boyband. Mak Long is considering too.
Al Ghazali, El Jalaluddin Rumi & Ahmad Abdul Qodir Jaelani.

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