a series of …

got lost on the way to Senibong. what else is new. this time we blamed the gps which seemed to be incoherent. most of the roads seemed to be under construction, at least the ones we passed by. a black honda car full of men who must have noticed we’re lost, tried to ram our car. the hubby still wanted to act tough by horn-horn until the wifey told him to just reverse our car all the way out of the lorong. on the way home, again the gps brought us to nowhere. padahal we had just updated the map yesterday. just our luck. then hubby saw a man in black attire standing by the road but the wifey claimed she did not see anyone. wateverlah. then queued at a petrol station only to be told tambah nilai dah abis. wtf?! Asal lak atau camne tambah nilai boleh abis nie? the boy at the counter was of no help with his Entah eh Kak, tapi top up dah bis dah. at the tol, our attempt to pay cash was rejected because the lady said cannot since only cards were accepted. huh? Takder sign pun. we replied that our card’s value was low and she told us to top up our card. but by then we did not have much cash, so we topped up the amount we wanted to pay initially as tol. kan samer! both of us were cursing the poor minah behind her back. now on the way home. hmmmph.

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