No more heels

Heels are a norm for wifey. This is a normal phenomenon for gals who are very short and it has become an obsession when one’s hubby is 30 cm taller. However, age is catching up and heels are not practical when one stands and runs on the job for 6-8 hours. Yes run. When choosing heels, the wifey actually takes into consideration if she could run in it. Pedal works was the best. Really. Nonetheless, the wifey is feeling the after effects of wearing heels. So not worth it.
Ouch. So now, she has vowed not to wear heels.
(Don’t know for how long, really).
Wanted Ferragamo flats but the wifey has this unlucky habit of always stepping on shit. And when shit happens, she throws the shoes and buys 3 pairs to replace.
Hence the aboved nondescript flats.

At 17 sgd each, it makes stepping on shit a less painful affair.


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