Haziq is 5!

Went birthday shopping with Haziq & Isya yesterday.
Even though it wasn’t Isya’s birthday, she still managed to get herself a Barbie doll & dress set since Mak Long’s patience and energy were running low after her school’s open house.

@ Cedar Ave open house.
Initially, Haziq wanted a burger builder (play doh set) but his mother forbade him from buying it over the phone. Takut si Aniq makan burger…yes Aniq eats everything. Haziq took quite
some time choosing his gift. Unlike most 5 year old boys, he did not want a car, robots, guns, Ben 10 set and etc. Mak Long nearly gave up and threatened to buy books for him as gifts, to which Haziq pleaded NO because he did not want to spell during the holidays and neither he wanted to do Maths. This is what happen when your Mak Long is a teacher and her idea of gifts are either something practical or educational.
He then said he wanted board games. Mak Long asked him who would want to play with him since he is a competitive player and a sore loser. To this question, he gamely said Pak Long.
So with a plastic full of board games, the birthday shopping finally ended after 2 hours.
That night, Pak Long could not make it for a board game session because he was not well and tired. So today, it’s make up time! Started with a morning game of ball shoot out. Pak Long gamely lost as usual.

A Bingo! session with Pak Long after birthday brunch.

Coming up, twister, stack up, snake & ladder and many more.
Pak Long will gamely lose as planned.
Happy birthday Haziq. 🙂

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