Purple – simply gay?!

Some info on people who heart the purple colour like us:
People who love purple are intelligent and sharp. They have an eye for detail and notice even things that are mostly overlooked by others. These people get enraged at even the slightest provocation and are extremely demonstrative at expressing their grief. Purple lovers are also very creative but at the same time egoistic. They have a refined taste.
Hmmm, on second thought, the description fits wifey best.
Hubby will just stick to the colour blue – meditative, thoughtful and purposeful; holding on to conventional beliefs and prefering to withdraw into a safer environment under stressful conditions. In friendship, they are loyal but nevertheless prefer to lead a restrained life.Anyway, with a netbook to follow us on our travel journeys, expect frequent on the spot updates.
Disclaimer : Our blog is a snippet of our lives; not a true reflection of our lives.
Nothing beats knowing us in person. 😉
And just on cue, the pc went blank! Aaaargh.

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