Breaking my own heart?

It’s been awhile since I last bought books.
Today, I bought 4 books pre empting Kashmir.
However, I completed one today.
It was such a good read.
(Dun bother asking me to lend you the book,
I’m selfish when it comes to books which I really heart, ask Atiqa)

Quoting from a review : Maggie Alderson brings her deep understanding of the human heart to this new novel about the compromises we make in life, and about those rare moments of grace when we decide to risk everything for the chance to be truly, madly and deeply happy. It takes a lot of courage to do that. Most of us usually end up compromising on life and settling for second best. How many of us can say we are truly, madly and deeply happy with our lives? Or are we always stuck at “what if…”? Sabar, redha and tawakkal only apply after you go for it. *ponders*

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