Checher’s tots

It’s a holiday to catch up on markings, reports and lesson plans. Anyway, whenever I’m online, it means I’m doing all of the aboved. Yes, I NEED access to the internet to entertain myself in between all of the aboved.Favourite applications running concurrently: imeem, youtube, blogs, facebook, tumblrs, msn, news and etc. I love my many tabs.
That’s my checher’s life for the time being. Some tots on the following photos: Some of my students when asked what are their aspirations, they answered that those do not matter as long as they are happy while the rest wanted to be lawyers and doctors. Well, the checher in me did ask this particular lot (surprise…no surprise..most are of my bangsa) to be more specific because I myself have been brainwashed by the system that all goals have to be SMART. Upon reading the words below, I reflected on my own life. To each his/her ownlah eh. Everyone has his/her definition of life and happiness. But I hope whatever my students choose to be later in life, I really hope they will be happy and live theirs fruitfully and meaningfully.

As a checher, I borrow a quote from a student yesterday, I only hope to light up and colour their lives. Sooo corny.

However, I can’t help but ponder why one sec 2 girl talked about jodoh in her teacher’s day dedication to me. Oklah, if that what makes her happy, be itlah. But she will get it from me tomorrow. Haha.

The following card was given to me by another student. Very apt. I hope that if I do stay on in this line, may I always be young at heart and not be jaded. Only thing different, imagine a nenek with tudunglah sans makeup. Simply gorgeous. Haha I hope so.

Last but not least, never did I expect to have a bunch of girls singing to me Malay songs ‘live’. Haha yeah, I teared a bitlah. U gals win. I love being sung to. My weakness. That’s the reason I married my hubby. =) Definitely touched my heart deep, deep. The best gift is the gift that touches the heart. One of the song sang:

Unfortunately, all my students wrote their dedication in EL. But can I fault them? I wrote my blog post in EL.


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