1st day of Ramadhan
Hubby is on track to ensure that fasting is done for the right reason.
He quoted some learning points based on Friday’s khutbah:
1. Imsak is amber not red light
2. Sahur is not midnite but third part of the nite
3. Women should be discouraged to go to mosque to abstain from fitnah
(wifey terawih at home ajelah this year)
4.Going to the mosque should be verily for Allah not to soak in the atmosphere
5. Breaking fast should be light.
for huraian/further explaination,
do ask respective male members who went for Friday prayers yesterday.
Anyway, for sahur, we had black pepper chicken fried rice.
For breaking fast, the following:

blueberry muffins
Onie the first day, onie hubby is fasting. Hopefully, a better Ramadhan for all us.
Verily for Allah. Insya’allah. Amin.

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