13 years of friendship and many more to come

I’m bad at keeping friends. Hence I thank this lady who always insist that we meet up at least 2-3 times a year. We used to write letters to each other and pass cute notes even though we were in the same class. Make dedication cards and exchange cheap but quirky gifts. Met her in JC and life was never the same. She kept me sane and inspired me to study harder. She was from a neighbourhood school but her aspirations were soo atas. Haha, yup in the end she managed to snag a RI cum RJC boy to be her husband.
Because of her, I went to band concerts ( i admit i slept most of the time) to watch her play piano and that thing called the french horn. Understood how churches work and even went to some gatherings. We discovered our respective religious enlightenment more or less at the same time and even tried to counter verses
from the bible and quran. Mostly,
we ended up frustrated but more understanding and tolerant.
I appreciate that she understood the need for me to pray and she was the first non-muslim friend I had who understood and really took the effort that whenever we go out, we eat HALAL food.
Trust me, most people know about it but don’t bother.
13 years later, we both have changed.
We put on many masks for different occasions.
However, when we’re together, we are still
the giggly gals we once were.
A mother of 2 bundle of joys, Happy 30th Birthday Judy Ng Kay Joo.
Ibu’s code name for her everytime she calls/comes around:
Nyonya kau.

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