10 things that went through my mind

random tots @ the mosque:

  • As usual the muslimahs are the mosque going lot nowadays. What happened to the guys?
  • There will always be one loud makcik asking the muslimahs to move forward to ‘penuhkan saf‘ and somehow she will always come across as rude.
  • Why do the muslimahs like being addressed as ‘Jah’? Hubby tot it was short form for Tijah. Obviously not.
  • Secretly thankful to my parents for the weekly Yasin sessions cos I did not bring my quran just now but somehow I managed to remember the verses. yeah.
  • Briyani at 930pm? Ouch. Nanti Heartburn sey. So had to skip it.
  • Tot the reading of the doa was too churchie to my liking. Especially with some people expressing their emotions quite openly and loud.
  • Bought a doa book. A few makciks lamented why the doa-s are not romanised. Huh? Why can’t people learn how to read the quran? Mind you the makciks here are not of my mom’s generation. My mom is already in the grandma category.
  • Wondering about hubby’s doa. A Beemer? *Roll eyes*
  • Does going to the mosque make me a better muslimah since I seemed to be critical of the things I see? Hmmm. Tsk tsk.
  • Going to the mosque to pray is similar to going to the gym to exercise. I am not equating praying to exercise. Just the act of being in the company of people to do something that can also be done at home. Some people need the company to motivate themselves to do something. The ambience factor. I think I need to go to the mosque more often.

Anyway, Selamat menyambut Nisfu Syaaban. Semoga segala amalan kita diberkati.


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