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Today was spent creating accounts and trying out the various educational web2.0 tools. Hence the multiple posts. Since they are all trials, I decided to write base on the subject that is close to my heart – skazeisk. Nope, I was not in a lovey dovey mood today. Would it work in class? Hmm can be time consuming. To do as assignments/tasks/projects – haha I hear screams from my students. By the way, this kind of stuffs, I limit to my lower sec classes. Simply because more time and no major natinal exams at the end of the year. Fun stuffs do not necessarily lead to better grades. Anyway, all in all, I like the Tikatok application best. Maybe cause I like the idea that one can publish one’s book easily. Scrapbooking is also similar in that aspect but not as idiot proof as the Tikatok. Try it. Quite addictive.

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