Recently, the hubby asked the wifey if she had read his fb twit.
The wifey asked which one since hubby always fb twit.
He pointed to last Wed’s fb twit – Iskandar Shah is wondering if a change is in the offing.
The conversation then went as follow:
H: Y dun we sell our house, car n everything else…we cld make a profit of abt 100k…n we cld migrate…do some ‘stuffs’…I need to find myself.
W: Again pls.
H: I’m lost. I need to find myself.
W:Not that bit. I mean the 100k profit. Haha, I dun think so. N wat do you mean some ‘stuffs’?
H: We cld wait on tables/do jobs which do not require much thinking…I nak lepak giler.
W: *snigger* (This coming from sum1 who demands his subordinates to think n counter suggest to provide solutions.) Sayang (maybe hubby needed TLC) …R U OK?
H: I’m ok. I just need to find myself n b rid off the material world.
W: Sure? But just last week, we recceed ur Tag Heuer watch n pre booked matching N97s.
H: That one must.
W: Yada yada rite. *eyes already lolling*. Anyway, oklah I allow u to go, find yourself. I be right here waiting for u k, IN CASE u change ur mind (Note: hubby does that all the time).
H: No Sayang. U follow cause u also lost.
W: Lost?! Ok, we talk again after u come up with a detailed plan how, when, where and what.
H: Ok. But I let you choose the country n how.
W: Hey! I pulak!?
So here we are somewhere in a hotel room across the country. The wifey decided the hubby needed a break and hopefully find himself. Unfortunately, Mr nak lepak giler brought his working laptop and has been writing papers since last night. Sigh. So much for a change…

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