Tioman Island, Pahang

Tioman was a last minute thingie.
The hubby wanted a beach getaway with Ayah & Co.
The Company consisted of Ayah, Ibu, Gal, Hakim, Haziq & Isya.
Initially the wifey was apprehensive but it was pretty good.
Actually we had to pay RM375 per pax for a full board 3D2N package
but the difficult Akak at Mersing gave in
to Ayah’s request for discount
and we each ended up paying RM 335 per pax.
Yours truly had to endure the jelings and muncungs of the Akak.
Overall, it was an interesting trip, we scuba dived,
snorkelled, catch crabs and many more.
Plus, we were in the company of ‘adik-adiks’
who were there to have some clean fun too.
No photos of them but trust me, they were sexy, loud, vulgar and bathed in the sea bottomless.
Haziq & Isya.
As kids, they really knew how to have fun.
Even though, they are the iphones and psp loving kids,
they were able to have fun with the simple things in life.
Nope, they were not handicapped without the technology unlike us.
Yup there is internet in Tioman @ RM10 per day.
We will miss waking up to the smell of the seabreeze,
the really clean waters of Tioman and a certain Abg Moon.

Klah, quoting our fav Abg Moon:

‘I’m really tired Man!’

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