A blessed week indeed…

It was a normal day at school until wifey received an email entitled Good Morning! from someone she just met in school last Friday.

Good day Cikgu Z,

Thank you for your kind support and enthusiasm. On that note, you truly have a Great smile – it’s been awhile since I’ve seen one, seriously. Have a blessed week ahead. 😉

At your Service,
Mr T.

Kind support and enthusiasm?
Hmmm I remembered I was bored.

Anyway, talked about it to Hubby.
Ya, Hubby pretty much reads wifey emails/chats/etc anyway.

Hubby: hahaha, dia belum tengok muncung you lagi…
Wifey : hey wat do you mean? (dah start muncung)…

So anyway, the hols are coming. Plans?
Just short trips to Tioman & KL.
Wanted to go Thailand again but we just came back from Bangkok.
So Ayangz ajelah will be honeymooning in Phuket this Friday.
Wifey going Muar with her students during the last week of school.

Besides that?
Well Mama kata since dah holiday,
bolehlah masak-masak kat rumah.
Gulp. Baru nak book holiday lagi…


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