A story of Ibu & Eti

A conversation that happened 5 mins ago.

Ibu: Elo, Eti esok sekolah?
Eti: Tak. Asal?
Ibu: Atiqa cakap esok tak sekolah.
Eti: Uhuh.
Ibu: Eh, niari mother’s day.
Eti: Happy Mother’s Day.
Ibu: Terima kasih.
Eti: Tapi semalam, Eti dah wish aper.
Ibu: Semalam bukan Mother’s Day. K, bye.

Before Eti could continue any further.
The conversation was ended with Ibu hanging up on her.
Again. Typical of any conversation between Eti & Ibu.

Yesterday, we had our Mother’s Day celebration for Ibu @ Seoul Garden.
Ibu was telling us how good it would be if we all could live together under one roof.
However, my siblings said oh no, they can’t live with Ibu & Eti in the same house.
Haha…it’ll be all too drama for all us.

Ibu & Eti are too similar in nature that at time like poles repel.
And when we argue, the rest would be roped into it. Yan especially first.
We’re both lucky to have husbands who bother to bring us together after every quarrels. We would sulk at first but eventually will talk.

Eti & Ibu is a case of a complex yet bittersweet mother daughter relationship. Our arguements would be very loud. Similarly our make up sessions would be very the drama with hugs, kisses and tears all included. Well, some are kissing mothers and some are scolding mothers, but it is love just the same.

Though now we live apart, we are never truly apart cause we are bound in the beating of each other’s heart. A quote I read and very much agree.

Happy Mother’s Day Ibu.
From Eti.

I could just hear what Ibu would say: Alaah, kat internet buat aper.
*roll eyes*


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