The first time I heard the word ‘Menyeman’ was from my mother when she advice my sis, Yan, to take of Isya then a chicken pox member. Since I had no idea what the word meant, I asked my mom about it. She replied how come I don’t know and just left it at that. I googled it no avail.
“Ko baik-baik rawat Isya jangan sampai menyeman nanti…” Ibu.Hubby made a lame joke by saying that kata dasarnya Herman, then Menyeman would mean the act of doing Herman…watever that was.
Then Bibik used that word again and so I asked what it meant. Lagi sekali kena, ‘Ko tak tau makna menyeman?’ Bibik’s subsequent explaination left me more puzzled then ever.
Yesterday, Mama came and used the word Menyeman. I asked. She could not give me an exact meaning but she equated Menyeman to something that is not perfect or spoiled. Hmmm, oklah. And she reminded me to avoid Menyeman, no chicken, soysauce, seafood, bathing etc…yikes.
Anyway, the fever has gradually subsided from a high of 39 degrees to 37 + degrees. My face has officially looked like what Haziq would always say a MOMOK face. That’s it I will stay at home, avoid mirrors in addition to any human contact.
So depressing. Applying calamine lotion, I look like a zombie ala Zombi Kampung Pisang. Aaaaargh…


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