Chicken Pox Diaries

Day 2

The pox are beginning to appear everywhere…
Small, shiny and yet very evil bubbles…the itch is getting unbearable.
Fever still high. Headaches aplenty and never seem to end.
Body aches…don’t even mentioned those.
Yes, as I typed this entry, I have yet to bathe.
Reading Bibik’s tag about creepy crawlies made me more depressed and scared.
I hate chickies.

Morning woke up to hubby’s reminder to get his stuffs for work ready and I pulled my blanket reminding him that I am sick.
Guess what he said…I had mc from work only…hmmmph. Great. I love my hubby. *smiles*
Then smses from a parent came asking about her daughter, different heads at work asking who’s covering me on what…sigh…I’m remembered nonetheless.

I decided to type this entry because I cannot lie on my back to sleep.
Wait my bubbles burst…then scars how?! Not that I’ll be wearing any bareback gowns in public.
Plus, I can’t seem to lie on my front to sleep or do nothing.
It’s kind of weird cause when one is well, one has loads of stuff waiting to be completed but when one is sick, one has nothing much to do. Well, maybe replying to emails everyday and plan lessons.

Current thoughts: Wondering how to pass my markings to students. Will make use of hubby…


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