How I spent my Saturday…

The whole of last week was a disaster.
Blogging about it will only make me remember the details.
Nonetheless, I made through the week although in tears.
I know, I’m so drama and cengeng.
Hence, it was with reluctance I made my way to RI
where my gals will be competing on a Saturday.
I dragged hubby there too. Don’t pity hubby cause he always drag me to work too.
We’re both hopeless…haha.
Anyway, I came and looked at the list of the competitors.
Rolled my eyes. Tough. I just pray hard the gals can execute their lines. That’s it.
No expectations. Exposure is more important.
Furthermore it was the first time, these two gals took part in a Malay speaking competition.
Hmmm, oklah…I will just enjoy free food, the performance and take photos.
They were the second pair to perform and it wasn’t forgettable.
If they did not win anything, it would be unjust.
But they did. 3rd.

Then, we made our way to Masjid Sultan.
Another group of our gals would be competing with TKGS in the BH bahas.
It was an intense fight.
The TK gals executed their lines with soo much fire, style and drama…
haha i loike.
In the end, our gals had more substance and won.
Our 4th speaker also bagged the best speaker award. Congrats!
Nonetheless, TKGS still made it to the semis too. Congrats!!!
(Biased me…)
My day was made more memorable when the sarbat mamas missed me…awwww!!!

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