Mak Long is in a very BAD mood

Haziq to Pok Teh & Pak Long: Pak Long, why is Mak Long very angry huh?
Pok Teh: Eh, you ask question to Pak Long but Mak Long in front of you…
Haziq: Pak Long, why huh?
Pak Long: Dunnoe.Mak Long notty.
Wawan: Alah, Mak Long ko tu, dia boring tak dapat gie Batam.
Everyone laughed except Mak Long who continued with her BAD mood. She glared at Haziq and he recoiled to be hugged by Busu.

Mak Long owed her nephews and niece an apology for causing them to cry when their parents were away frolicking somewhere across the seas. Sorry Yan & Man, anak korang kena buli dengan Mak Long diaorang yang tak favourite pun. Haziq kena KO-ed playing boxing and he cried. So sorry Haziq, Mak Long dun give face one…Isya cried cos Mak Long tricked her to give Mak Long her Wii remote…Aniq cried cos Mak Long kept staring and saying his name in a stern manner. Mak Long is sadistic. Grrr…
All because of a cancelled trip.
Pak Long had to work this weekend.
We missed
good trip
good company
good food
good laugh
good spa.
Could have gone alone but then Mak Long will still be in a BAD mood
cos she would miss Pak Long.

Quoting Haziq: Pak Long, Mak Long no fun eh.


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