Starting the year with a BANG!

Syukur Alhamdulillah. We’re ok. We were waiting for the green light at the t-junction, talking about hubby’s reservist tomorrow, wifey’s upcoming birthday etc. Little did we know, 5 seconds after the light turned green, we would be hit by a lorry. As the car whirled, the wifey’s heart skipped a beat and all she could think was there goes the car. She was too shocked to think about anything else. Her mental picture of the car got shattered by her hubby’s voice asking her if she was ok. She stayed silent for a brief moment. Hubby had to shake her and exclaimed thank god he’s alive. He then looked around for his glasses. His glasses actually flew off the window of the the car. We then went out of the car and called Baba and Ayah. We thanked both of them for taking care of the car while the wifey accompanied the hubby to the hospital. Hubby sustained minor head injuries and some ribs cracks. As for the wifey, a major headache. Nevertheless, a taxi cab driver was a witness. He was behind us. He left the accident scene initially but he came back because he felt guilty and he thought the driver (Is) was dead. Thank you. Thank you God, for I still have Is. It doesn’t matter if the car was new (still can’t believe that I thought of the car first), but if I were to lose Iskandar…


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