Excuse me …

We’re back.
Note: No exclaimation mark cause we’re not excited to be back for work.
In London, a Bruneian Muslim family asked us if we were Muslims.
The wifey went duh.
Obviously, a tudung is not enough an indication of a person’s Muslimness.
In Paris, an Indonesian Muslim couple asked Hubby if he was a Muslim
(note: wifey & family were seated there too).
The wifey went duh again.
On our way home to Singapore from Rome (note: we were all seated with Ayangz & Ayah/Ibu/Atiqa), a Malay SIA steward asked Skazeisk:
Mr Iskandar and Ms Nur visiting Singapore?
That was asked directly after he welcomed Herman & family home.
This time the hubby went duh and said takkan muka kita macam Italians kan.
Au Revoir.

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