We met an EPL player!!!

With Michael Essien
On the way to London Heathrow Airport from Paris, the hubby saw someone familiar.Hubby was estatic. So he approached the guy and asked: Excuse me, are you Michael Essien? The wifey blurted: Who? The guy said yes. Hubby asked permission for a phototaking opportunity. Hence, the photo taken with Michael Essien ( ah…a Chelsea footballer rupanyer). Hubby the Man United fan nearly asked for his signature on a Man Utd card while Ayah an Arsenal fan proclaimed he followed all Essien’s matches. Atiqa, the Arsenal fan, also entered frame to be part of the Canon moment. Obviously, Mr Essien sat in the business class unlike us mere mortals who sat in the economy class. He smiled at Atiqa on our way to our seats. Moral of the story, don’t rush to your seats even though your seats are at the end of the plane. Be patience cos you never knew who you might bump into. Where was Ayangz then? Well since they had 3 kids, they were given priority to board first.

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