Roaming in Rome

Rome for us isn’t the romantic city the tv made it out to be.
Although, most couple we saw seemed to be in a smoochie mood.
Rome is unfortunately, a beautiful dirty city. It’s a tourist rip off.
We stayed in a 3-star hotel around the Termini station, a major train station there. Our rooms were small, the breakfast nothing and the showers had the size of a coffin. Walking rates for a twin room, would be 200€ (That’s a 400$S at the moment).
The district we stayed in, 30 minute car ride from the Fiumicino Airport, has the most hotels/hostels and even halal food places. But it is also, one of the most stinking (the metro had a urine like smell), dirty looking and homeless housing areas in Rome.
We were appalled. This can’t be Rome. Beggars and the homeless were everywhere. Price of a bottle of Coke, the most expensive when compared to the other cities which we went, 3.50€.
Don’t even talk about shopping. Most street things/ souvenirs made in China/Bangladesh/Indonesia etc were priced exorbitantly.
Service at the airport were slow. 3 hours was needed to check in.
Overall, the Italians in our opinions were generally rude and lacked class, unless you have kids.They love kids since they’re an ageing population. So Ayangz had no probs with rude peeps.
The hubby equates Rome to Jakarta.
Nope, we won’t be back to Rome nor Italy.

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