From Manchester to London to Paris

One more city to go, Rome.
In the meantime, here are some of our trip highlights:
Champions league match in Manchester. It was unplanned. One thing about travelling on our own is that we’ve learnt to just ask and keep asking. Manchester is a great city and the people are simply friendly and eager to help. Though the weather was too cold for our liking.:o)

In London, we missed the warmth of the people of Manchester.
Even the Arsenal tour lacked a certain oomph.
But then again, we maybe biased.
We enjoyed finding and eating halal food in London. Found Halal Subway in Bayswater. We even had nasi lemak and mee goreng for breakfast one London morning @ Bonda Cafe. Another thing, shopping in London is not that expensive. Just ask Ayangz and Atiqa who went on a shopping spree there. For Skazeisk, London is not our fav place on earth.

Now, we’re in Paris. Dunnoe why but the hubby likes it here.
The transportation network is great. Too many museums.
Googlemaps has been great for us to find our way to halal food.
Cost of living here is definitely on the high side.
We’ll be checking out the flea markets tomorrow.
Till then, Bonsoir. It’s 1232am here.

One thought on “From Manchester to London to Paris

  1. Hi, im planning a trip to London Paris Rome for say 12 days end Nov. was wondering if you could recommend hotels and food outlets my family of 7 could stay/eat at.

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