Thanks for the memories

These are some of my colleagues from work. Top from left: Abg Jalee (sound guy and editor who never fails to amuse me with his witty bites), Johann (ever efficient Asst Prod), Azhar (the IT guy who is ever bingit with me while I was working on NADI), Nizam (CGD working with me for 3 years in eVideo and eMedia who is also forever bingit with me), Sham (sound guy who finds me hyper, impatient and irritating), Abg Mok (the most reliable and nicest sound guy I’ve ever worked with) and Abg Zai (sound guy who finds me impatient and yet weird). Bottom from left: Myself, Ayu (my replacement who is full of warmth), Yana tak yaya (my dearest Asst Prod who never fails to amuse me with her quips, a charm in her own ways), Hidayah (same division, different section, a fren whom I still can continue to catfight since we last met in NIE) and Kak (term of endearment and respect) Arfah (Hidayah’s partner, ever humble despite her capabilities).
Thanks for the memories guys. Thousands apologies for my sarcasm and impatience, though I can’t promise that I’ll not do it again. *Smiles*. Till we meet again, maybe or maybe not. Hehe…
Note: I will resume teaching in CGS as of next year.

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