Ucrown Icrown Wecrown

Is: Can we be smarter after using this?
Salesgirl: If you have the ability.
Zetty & Yan observed that both of their hubbies spoke slowly and looked stone while using the head massagers. They looked like the dumb and dumber characters. Hehe.
Outcome: Did not buy even tho’ Man felt that it tangkap the acupuncture pressure points.
Amount saved: $268
After that Is tried the Urobic. However, photos of a grown man twisting on a vibrating object are not suitable to be uploaded online. Hehe.
See video below for some head massager action; mode – up and down.
In Is’s case, the gadget covered his eyes and did not seemed to fit comfortably.
Nonetheless, Is still managed to say one good thing about the crown after using it. Check it out!

He said, “This thing works great for people with migraine!”


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