The New sKa-mobil

Having looked at other SUVs for considerations, it finally dawned to hubby that the wifey is not a STOG (SUV-Type-Of-Gal), although in Ayah’s words – “Semua orang boleh drive SUV pe, letak bantal aje!!!”. So the hubby now knows the strategy to adopt when buying the next ride… bring Ayah along. Bringing Baba or Ibu along is not an option unless I can figure out how to earn my 1st million within the next five years… they (Baba/Ibu) look at Audi Q7, convertibles, etc… semoga doa mereka dikabulkan, demi Is. Insya’Allah, Amin.

So what type of gal is wifey? She’s really a MTOG (MiniCooper-Type-Of-Gal)… small car but big price… same price range as the Audi, more than 100k. So, she will eventually be a MTOG, provided hubby earns his 1st million… entah biler lah tu…

In the end, we finally decided on a sedan. One of the most, if not THE most common car you can find on the Singapore roads. So everytime we get to the parking bay, we need to double check the car plate to make sure we did not get onto someone else’s ride.BTW, sKa-mobil is the picture on the top right.


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