Prep for Raya 2008

For the past 2 years, pre-raya days had always been filled with house cleaning, curtain changing, ketupat “anyam-ing” and wifey cooking. Well, this year is no different except that all the actions are now captured with the all-new camera, EOS 450 (Cheyyy… kereta baru, kamera baru… aper lagi yg baru eh?)… SIL (sister-in-law…nope still diana…ahaks) came over to help with the anyam-ing since only the wifey knows how to anyam in the sKazeisk household. As they were anyam-ing, they were entertained by Big Stan, the movie… a must watch for those who loike men….regardless of gender. I watched it too…;o)

The anyam-ing was done by 11 last nite and sKazeisk spent the early morning hours to fill the ketupats with rice which hubby will be rebus-ing in the later part of the morning while poor wifey had to go to work (albeit half-day).

The rebus-ing is done using a charcoal stove right in front of sKa-crib. Obviously, the process is KAIZEN-ed by using an electrical fan to get the fire going instead of manual fanning.By mid-day, the wifey reached home, raring to start cooking for malam raya. This time we got some freshly delivered lamb meat, courtesy of Ayah wif the help of Kak Mai and Abg Anis from down under, and wifey has some neat ideas on preparing the lamb dish. So, the hubby just snaps his camera away, capturing the “beautiful” moments of wifey’s cooking….;o)
Hmmm…looks tasty isn’t it? Well, the end result is posted next.

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