This was my 1st car in 2004. Bought after breaking up with Is.
Lasted only a year because I had quite a number of accidents with it. Brake wasn’t good.
What do you expect when one actually drove it at 120km/h most of the time?
Then, subaru jx turned to chev aveo.
Bought it for my 26th birthday. I was ready to be a spinster.
However on the week I got it, I was back with Is.
I was cruising at 90-100km/h.
Only when we had fights, it would reach 130km/h. Bergegar beb.
The plate number has won some of my frens some $$$. Hehe…
Tomorrow onwards, it will be a different car.
Bought when we’re married, exactly 8 years since we last got together.
No more cars healing broken hearted wifey.
Wanted to custom the plate to Ska2315k but on second tot, naaaah.
It will be SJJ something. Reminds us of uncle JJ.
It took us quite sometime to decide.
Even though Is will be driving most of the time, I still have to drive when he’s away.
I no longer enjoy driving. It’s better to be driven. Hehe.
Sorry dear, I can’t drive a SUV.
Wait, I would like to qualify – I can’t drive a SUV safely.
Ibu still baca doa byk2 when I drive. Till tomorrow.


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