SIN – NRT – SEA (Egg Ben saved the morning)

Left for Seattle via Tokyo @715 am on August 26th morning. This time around the wifey did not tag along. I will be there for a 2-day workshop but the flight itself took about 18 hours. So physically, I will be away for 4 days.

Mama & Baba fetched us from our Punggol crib at 430am as we wanted to be early for the check-in. I had already done the check-in electronically and thought that checking in the baggage would not take a long time. However a glitch with the printing services at the check-in counter caused a long queue early in the morning. Fortunately, it was only a 30 minute wait……so much for the internet check-in (*roll eyes*). People said after the 9/11 getting into the States will be a hassle…..I did not expect it to begin before leaving for the States!!!

After checking in, we had breakfast at the nearby Coffee Bean…actually only I had breakfast, Baba and the wifey just had drinks. I ordered the Egg Ben Set and it saved my morning….it was simply awesome. You gotta try it to believe it!!!

* I would have posted the photo if I had one but it was too delicious that I finished my breakfast before I realized it. Yummy! :o)

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