Seafood in Seattle

Seafood overload!!!! I had sushi for lunch at the downtown mall’s foodcourt and it reminded me of the sushi I had back in Japan. Thick slices of fresh salmon…yummy. But that wasn’t the highlight of the day.
Met a coursemate at the hotel and we decided to have dinner together…he is from Milwaukee, Wisconsin which is a 3 hour flight from Seattle. He introduced himself as Tom when we first met… it was only later in the evening that I found out what his appointment was – Director of Quality… *gulp*. Super friendly guy and since he rented a car in Seattle, we took his car to the famous seafood area in Seattle, along the Seattle Waterfront.
We were recommended the Fisherman Restaurant by the locals there and it was sure a good recommendation. We ordered a set meal for 4 – halibut and crab feast. It was a 4 course set meal: 1st – clam chowder, 2nd clams & mussels, 3rd salad, 4th halibut and crab feast.

Sorry for the lack of photos taken during dinner as the seafood was too awesome. The clams, mussels and crabs were super duper fresh…not to mention the gigantic crabs whose meat were super sweet. I had never tasted crab that sweet before…slurp…


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