Morning!I am currently blogging using my n95 in hubby’s work place. Forgive the formatting. Finally, internet. Initially,his jap boss booked a business hotel but he tot I would enjoy d beach hotel. Sun,sand and the sea…ah. Coming back to why am i at the factory because after the meeting,they plan to bring us for a short tour. Very nice. Hubby’s jap boss, let’s name him Mr K, is very charming and well groomed at age 50 plus macam dato K. He is already a grandfather. Photos later k. Anyway,hubby at work is very different. I wouldn’t want to work with him. Going on this trip allows me to see how he is at work. Usually, who we are differ according to context. We are at most comfortable and would bring down our defenses in the company of our loved ones. So do i look forward to accompany d hubby in future? Well, haha, not when your mom smsed jangan keluar seenaknya tanpa Is. Waspada itu lebih baik…the last time, I disobey her, the “punishment” was immediate… boringnya!!!


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