FREE supermarket food samples
Roam the food halls of any malls and one is likely to encounter a couple of Japanese aunties offering a tidbit. Taste at one’s discretion. So far, no one offered us the more expensive stuff. Hmmmph.
FREE Krispy Kreme Doughnuts
While queueing, one will be offered a warm sugar glazed doughnut. Some people left after getting their free doughnuts. Ahah, so both Isks actually wanted to queue every night for free doughnuts. Cheapo. But at 180 yen per doughnut, that’s $2.34, it’s worth the queue.
FREE toilet tricks
The Japanese are really creative people, aside from being very friendly. So far the toilets that I’ve went to were pretty clean. One can enjoy minutes of fun on uniquely Japanese toilet bowls. It’s truly an experience. There’s a shower button to rinse the you-know-what and fake flushing sounds to cover up embarassing plops. Haha. See below for the soap dispenser. There’s one for shampoo, face&body and rinse.
FREE Access Internet
Thus, explaining the multiple posts today and hopefully in Niigata tomorrow onwards.
FREE Lost in Translation experience
I went around looking for one day tour conducted in English to no avail. I even went to JTB (the equivalent of STB). I must compliment the Japanese for being very friendly and helpful. Since I am short, most lowered their heights to talk to me. Some even squatted so that we can talk at eye level. Although none could converse to me in English, everyone of them actually bothered to speak to me about their packages in Japanese. I went to 3 tour operators. The guy in JTB printed out available packages conducted in English by Sunrise tours and gave me a toll free number for me to call. The whole experience took about 30 mins of my life despite me saying I don’t understand many, many time. For the record, I actually called the number to be greeted by a recorded message in Japanese. Aaargh!
FREE tissue
Here, tissue is handed out for free as a form of advertising. However, only selected few will received them. We were ignored. Huh? We don’t look Japanese enuff, meh? You be the judge. Hubby, at the end of a working day. Heheh.

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