What luck! My laptop’s battery died on me. I don’t understand why this is happening to my laptop of 7 months. I was just thinking of surfing the web while hanging out at starbucks. Will go to Best Denki next week.

Anyway, the hubby left for work at 8am, formally dressed, tie inclusive. The wifey spent almost the entire nite ironing the clothes using a small ironing board. There was a trouser presser but after 30 minutes, hubby’s pants still look ronyok.

Hubby’s workplace is 10 minute away from the hotel. Actually, we can actually stay at the company apartment to save cost. The wifey tak cerewet but the hubby questioned its cleanliness cos he knew the people who had stayed there. Oklor, had to pay extra.
Anyway, I brought like 3 books and a DVD containing 30 PC games to occupy myself while hubby is away. Initially wanted to sign up for a 1 day Mt Fuji trip but I backed out when I realised there was going to be a cable car ride. Yes, I’m afraid of heights. I hate anything above 1.5m with the exception of my hubby who is 1.82m. Lame. Yeah.

8am Hubby left. 8-10am Wifey cleaned the room, read a book, post photos for the earlier post before boredom set in.

1030am-1200 noon Wifey decided to shop but wait I’m not much of a shopper. First stop, 100 yen shop. It’s actually daiso, selling stuff from undergarments to gardening stuffs. So nope, there will be no souvenirs from the 100 yen shop. Yes, I’m cheap but I won’t get stuff for my frens things which they can buy from daiso, unless… I don’t like them… hehe.

Next, I was on the hunt to get 3 kimonos/yukata/wateverlah Japanese clothes for my 3 nephews and niece. Alas, the cheaper ones are meant for adults. So Yan and Man, do I get these for you two, instead?

Then wifey went to Takashimaya & Isetan, thinking of buying nice umbrellas (got lace ones tau) as souvenirs but they cost a bomb. Hubby will scream especially once he found out the umbrellas are not meant for even a drizzle. So there, if I don’t bring home gifts is definitely not on purpose. Tired of window shopping, wifey decided to be a tourist and take picture. Where to?

First, was to Faret Tachikawa, an area in the business centre featuring artworks by 92 artists all over the world.

I got tired after looking at 5 scupltures. Alas, me not the arty-farty kind.

Next was http://www.showakinenpark.go.jp/english/index.htm. Walked all the way to Showa Kinen Park, asking locals for directions. Like ducks and chickens.
A place of attraction in Tachikawa.
400 yen (about S$5.04) entrance fee.

Had lunch, took a stroll in the floating garden, rode a Park train etc.

Lunch was a salad bought at 7/11. 199 Yen (S$2.30) cos I was too hungry. By 3 plus, Wifey is at the hotel blogging since it started to drizzle. Hubby will be back in an hour’s time. What’s for dinner? Will post later.


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