Oyasuminasai from Tachikawa

From May to July, since we last update, many things worth blogging happened but alas time did not permit. Just a recap: we celebrated Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, went to KL with Man & his kids to visit Yan, finally bought a new car and wifey’s convocation.

Now we are in Tachikawa, Japan. The hubby is working while the wifey is tasked to update the blog. Hubby’s colleague, Is also, is also with us. So here I go:

We left for Japan last nite on A380. It maybe the biggest but it surely wasn’t a smooth flight. Neither was it a peaceful one. The plane did not take off on time cos the boarding queue was soo long.

Upon entering the plane, we were greeted by an unpleasant smell. I was really hoping throughout my 7 hours of flight, I did not have to pee. Couldn’t help but notice that the seats looked dirty and not well maintained. The stewardess taking care of our section (we were at the main deck) were only a bit a taller than me. She stepped on my seat to close the overhead cabin (*gasped*). She too had an irritating voice like mine.
Foodwise, it was similar to what we had when we took SQ to Shanghai last year – nothing great. The only thing I thoroughly enjoyed about the flight was the entertainment. I watched movies and played games while both Isks slept. Yeah!
My flight companions
Iskander-san & Iskandar-sanWe reached our destination at 8am, Japan time (1hr ahead of Spore). Summer time is really hot.
Narita – Tachikawa (3,500 yen per person)

Took the 90 min bus to Tachikawa where we were met by hubby’s Japanese colleagues. They hosted us while waiting for hotel check in at 2pm.

Tachikawa Grand Hotel

The hotel where we are staying for the next 3 days is within walking distance to big shopping malls such as Takashimaya, Isetan, Bic camera etc. Hubby is really contemplating on whether to buy a dslr here. The model which he is currently considering cost $1k cheaper here. The wifey will be stretching her yen if hubby dearest intends to fulfill his wish. By the looks of it, the next few days, the wifey will blog about Tachikawa on a shoestring.

Stay tune for the photos. Free access to wireless internet but the power supply is rather weak – solar source. By the way, subuh is around 3am, aaargh. Alas, you win some, you lose some. Gdnite @ Oyasuminasai.


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