Celebrating Mum’s 51st Birthday…..

After the wifey recovered from her “hellish” ride on the DHL balloon, we spent the evening celebrating Mama’s birthday at T3. As expected, we had to queue before getting table for ourselves. It still puzzles me that Swensen’s refuse to take reservations on weekends and would rather have their customers wait & queue. Talk about memorable customer experience…..

Unfortunately, Mama had a stomach upset and did not enjoy her dinner treat. It did not matter that much though as she is not much of an eater anyway. As usual, the ones who really enjoyed the food were Baba & Udin. Udin ordered a good-4-two dish for HIMSELF while Baba treated himself to a black pepper chicken chop.Not forgetting the deserts, Baba opted for the tried & tested (or tasted) Banana Split while Udin conquered the Cookie Summit.

The night ended in a hurried manner as “nature” called urgently and to make matter worse, ALL the nearby toilet cubicles were occupied….3 to be exact. The call of nature was extremely urgent that we totally forget to take photos while giving Mama her present. So sorry Mama, Happy Birthday nonetheless!!!!


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