Ribs hunting….

Ayangz & Skazeisk went on ribs hunting last Sunday, after the football session. The wifey read an article in a mag about a new stall that serves ala Kenny Roger’s and as soon as we found out it is HALAL, we just had to try it.
Obviously, we ordered the ribs and verified the review with our own taste buds. Since kids are known to be more honest in their opinions, we let Ayangz Juniors have a taste also. From the pix, you can tell that they really enjoyed the ribs. This will definitely not be the last time we will be going there for meals as there are other menus to try. Take it from us, try the ribs….it’s hot, it’s juicy, it’s unhealthy(who cares???) but it’s finger-licking, lip-smacking good!!!!!

Skazeisk’s verdict:
Price-wise: Many times cheaper than KR (it’s halal too)
Taste-wise: Good enuff to come back for more
Portion-wise: Value for money
Location: AMK Ave 5 Blk 608 (behind Esso station)


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