A new mode of life

Nitely skyping / msn has been a new mode of life for both of us. Nitely? Hehe, it has only been two days so far. Two days = 48 hours = 2880 minutes = 172 800 seconds = …
Life has been pretty hectic especially at work. Later today is the SDMA 2008 ceremony (www.evideo.edu.sg/sdma), finally. It doesn’t help that the sty seems to be making a come back. I am rushing to clear my work before taking NPL. Yup, NPL equate no pay leave. For how long? Do I go back to school or return to my current workplace? Well I’m open to anything but I’m restless. The brat in me just want to do nothing for the time being.
By the way, the hubby has confirmed that this will be the place where we’ll be staying supposedly: http://www.jerde.com/projects/project.php?id=35.
So far, looks ok. Although he warns, it’s a bit ulu.
Lastly, hubby dearest sends his love to all; still figuring how to blog from China. Til then, the wifey will be blogging.

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