It started with a google

I am supposed to be productive during my mc and start writing my reflective papers due in two months’ time or amend my scripts due tomorrow. However, it’s hard to think coherently with a sty (see my recent post). I’ll be intermittently compelled to touch my eye. It’s just soo hard to concentrate. least i’m honest to blog.
So what did I do? I googled and watched Juno on some Chinese website. I can picture Hubby dearest rolling his eyes at this post. I’ve done most of the chores except for the cleaning bit cause I cannot have Habuk in my eyes. On the bright side also, at least we saved like 20 dollars by not watching it at Kampung Emas (GV).
Anyway, Juno is about a coming of age movie. In synopsis (do google it), it sounds much like a typical teenage movie, but it totally transcends the genre in many ways. What I liked about the movie was the witty and cool dialogue written by Diablo Cody (you can google her too) … the voice was sooo authentic and yet creative. Quirky.
Nothing new with the subject of teenage pregnancy, but the treatment differs this time round – more subtle, nuanced and delicate. It’s a good movie for every parents with a teenage daughter to watch. It’s sexual education at its best, if handled properly. Like, totally.
Now how do I get my graphic aunties to agree to my script …

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