A stytelling

The wifey is at home nursing a sty (the nicer word for a tembel). The doctor said it’s contagious.

Quoting Mr Doc: You touch your eye with your hand, you cannot touch anybody. You must stay at home and see no one. Two days ok. Just rest.

He looked kind of scared and probably regretted he dared touch it.

Well no one looks pretty with a sty. The wifey’s eyes are already non-existent and with a sty…what’s there to describe? Would have posted the photo of the eye but it’s full of tears, shit and yadaa…yadaa. No amount of makeup can hide it … tried and failed miserably.

The wifey constantly gets sties in her eyes. The poor me spent most of my school years with one eye or the other partially closed with swelling from a sty. For some reason, I don’t understand why I am particularly prone to getting a sty in the eye. My other siblings and my parents just don’t have it. I don’t even use mascara like there’s no tomorrow unlike a particular sibling of mine. Hmmph.

So the next question, how do I get rid of a sty on my eye?

The answer to that question is to wait. There’s not a whole lot one can do to get rid of a sty. Most of them go away on their own in about five days or so. The longest sty I had was during my uni days which lasted longer than a week with no signs of going away. That led to me to making an appointment with a doctor for appropriate treatments – slicing the eye with a needle which was heated with an open flame right in front of the inflammed eye…hmmm how apt…to allow the pus to flow but from experience, won’t so it has to be forced to come out. Ouch! Thank goodness, after going through all that, the stytelling ended before making a comeback about a year later. Yes, it’s an annual event.
To others, please refrain from cracking sty associated jokes like have you been naughty lately and peeped at people peeing/what ever I’m not supposed to be looking at. I have already had one too many of them. Fyi, the inner meaner and vindictive me just need to touch to pass it on. You have been warned.


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