It’s raining Chinese! Amen!

The wifey blogs:

It was an 8 day romantic tour in China, yup inclusive of ayah, ibu, Atiqa and Hakim. One might still be wondering, how can that be possible? In China, some more and not forgetting ada ibu and ayah. hehe.
It wasn’t our first trip to China. We’ve been to different parts of China pre skazeisk days. Myself, went to Beijing in 2004, Hongkong and Shenzhen in 2005 while hubby had been to Taiwan during his NS days. We sort of know what to expect there. 2008 will see China moving to center stage, with the Olympics serving as the country awaited coming out party, hence we were pretty sure China wasn’t a bad idea.
On the morning of Dec. 17, we lugged our suitcase and left Singapore aboard SQ816, heading Shanghai. This time around, we went to cities celebrated for their elegant gardens where emperors, coutersans and poets once dallied. Every city had its story, feeling the spirit of the previous oocupants. The intricate engraving and carvings. We were transported to the days of yesteryear. We revelled in the romantic atmosphere, taking many pictures of love. Yup, and we stayed at fleabag love hotels (3 to 4 stars), protection included. All six of us had our “emo” moments. No matter what day of the week it was, somehow it always felt like a Sunday everyday. Sigh. I was charmed. Swathed in the fog, alluring shadows, we were lost in translation.
English spelling mistakes in China were common. They seemed to be the purveyors of bad English. Even our guides were not spared. We were at times, left confused. Exasperated, left with no choice, we had to improve our Mandarin quickly. A duck and chicken story always ensued. At times, we resorted to hand gestures and drawings. However, humility is a virtue, especially when travelling.
With the upcoming Olympics, China has built new cities and towns, roads and ports and its planning for the future is detailed, though still cluttered by our Singaporean standard. The conditions of toilets too so far have improved with the exception of some. I will spare the readers the splash and slush details to the exceptions.
Throughout our trip, we too had our own fair share of misadventures. What is life without them? Alhamdulillah, we are back. I see my other half in a new light (thank God, for the better). For me, it was nothing new, travelling with my family, it was his first (lasting more than 3 days). By the way, he has an obsession with tea sets. We bought two sets although we are more of coffee drinkers. A quirk.
A fengshui master said hubby has a soft heart and a wife who will always lose when she gambles. Hmmm…isn’t marriage a gamble too? So nope, I did not buy a dragon to improve my fengshui.
Throughout the trip, we walked a lot.Though it’s good that I left behind my heels at home, I felt shortchanged.
Back in Singapore, crawling to work, the charm of the old towns still lingers.
Where next?

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