it’s CHINA

The hubby continues:

To tell the truth, I was a bit skeptical about the whole trip because it’s CHINA. Stories about cardboard filling baos, excessive lead content on toys and kids’ clothings did not help improve the perception. However, nothing beats being away from the office, right? So what the @#$, we went ahead.
Upon reaching Pudong International Airport, we were introduced to our driver aka Cik Ahmad (obviously not his real name, in fact we called him Cik Ahmad, Cik Mamat throughout our journey).He brought us to the Maglev, a train ride that reached speed of 300 km/h within 4 minutes, this sparked my excitement of the trip.
I would rank our local tour leaders in ascending order from day 1 to 8. They seemed to get better by the day…obviously, since the first one we had set such a low standard!!! There is the local guide whom proved ALL my perceptions of China, there is the selenge (naive) one, the selenge bacin (“smelly” naive) one, there is the “not typical CHINA look” one and last but not least the old fart (actually he kept going to the WC) one.
To cut it short, for more of our China travelogue, click on Helter SKAlter. Cam whore alert! You’ve been warned.
For a more detailed review of the trip, do click on Bapa Mertuaku’s link.

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